God’s Spiritual ICU

One of the things that I’ve been learning in my walk with God is that He is in control and is the only one who heals and changes us.

Over the past year, there have been a series of trials that I’ve had to endure. The loss of my grandfather in April, breaking up with my girlfriend in August, the death of one of my friends from High School in October and changing churches that same month. Amid these losses, specific friends in my circles were trying to help me. But their methods weren’t very helpful. They caused more harm than good. But when God placed me in a different environment, He started to bring more healing into my life. I noticed this pattern during my first year in Celebrate Recovery.

When I was in a Small Group that was not healthy and consisted of people who were very unkind to me, my first sponsor suggested the ACE method. ACE stands for Accept it, Change it, or Eliminate it. I utilized that method when it came to my small group. I couldn’t accept what was going on, I couldn’t change the group or the people for the matter. So, there was only one option left. I decided to leave the group. The moment I did that, there was an incredible amount of weight lifted off my shoulders. My sponsor at the time saw the improvement and was very encouraged to see how God was working through me.
You see, our intentions may be good, but most of the time, they cause more harm than good. I’m not just saying this as someone on the receiving end, but also as someone who has been guilty of doing this as well. We need to let God do his job when it comes to healing us and who will walk with us in any trial we are going through. Being with like-minded believers who will support you and not fix you is especially vital.

If you want an example of someone who went through trials that were beyond what anyone else could endure, I would strongly challenge you to read the book of Job. Job is oddly enough one of my favorite books in the bible. Even though Job’s friends were trying to help, they only caused more harm than good. God even had to have a strong talk with them afterward as well.

Added Resources:
But God – Sung by the Herb Henry Family

Sons of God – Sermon by Pastor Dane Olney from Valley Community Church, Pleasanton, CA

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