At Your Service!

So, here’s a scenario for you. You just changed churches and you want to get involved in some area of ministry. But there doesn’t seem to be an area of ministry at your particular church that you feel God has called you to serve in. Later on, you learn that another ministry that has connections with your church, as well as many other churches, has an area of service where you can be a part of. And after careful prayer, perspective and patience, you take the offer to serve there.
Now, the question is as follows, is it wrong to serve somewhere other than your local church? The answer is a resounding NO. It’s a beautiful thing. I would like to use me and my parents as excellent examples.

My father isn’t serving in any particular capacity at his local church, but he is a Bible College professor and president. So, he has served by utilizing his gifts at the Bible College while maintaining his involvement at his church.

My mother at one point would come over to an assisted living community to lead a bible study for senior citizens. She may not have been serving in capacity at the church at that time, but she still utilized her gift in service at the Assisted Living Community and it still gave glory to God.

During my 5 years at my previous church family, Valley Community Church, I was serving as a Media Director at River Recovery Church in San Leandro. And later on, I would go to serve as one of the teachers and small group leaders for my CR group closer to home.
The point I’m trying to make is this, if you feel that there isn’t any area of ministry where you feel God is calling you to serve at your local church, you don’t have to serve there. You can serve in other areas of ministry outside of your church. That’s very good because God wants us to serve outside of the walls, to begin with.
The bible also tells us to utilize the gifts that God has given us for His Glory. If we don’t utilize our gifts for God’s glory, we’re not serving.
Bottom line, there’s nothing wrong with serving outside of your church for God’s glory. It helps advance the Gospel even more.

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