We exist to let the Bible speak for itself and dwell in our hearts richly so that we may live Grace-filled lives for the Glory of God alone.


NEWS: interCOM Bible Fellowship is now: GraceLife Bible Fellowship!


Join us Every other Monday Night at 7 pm.

We hope to see you then!


How do we study the Bible?

We study with 5 Objectives in mind:

Observation – What does the text say?

Interpretation – What is the meaning?

Christ-Centered Focus – How does this passage point to Christ and His Gospel?

Implication – What are we to learn from this?

Application – With all that we’ve learned, how does it apply in our current world?


When and where do we meet?

We usually meet every other Monday night at 7 pm either in Dublin or San Ramon. We also offer an online option through Zoom for those who cannot be there in person due to physical limitations. 

For location details, directions, or more information, contact me here!

We hope to see you then!

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