Meet Dave

15895348_10208554526285692_1446376404638539941_nI am a grateful Gospel-centered Disciple of Jesus Christ who struggles yet perseveres, and my name is Dave.

I have struggled with Asperger’s Syndrome (High Functioning Autism) since elementary school, but despite my learning difference, God still loves me regardless. He also loves me so much that He wants me to be the man that HE wants me to be, and not fall under the whole idea of “It’s either my way or the highway!” Because HE is in control of my life now, I am not my own. My struggle with Asperger’s is not what defines me, but it is my relationship with Jesus that makes me who I have been created to be.

God has taken me out of my comfort zone (most people who struggle with Asperger’s aren’t used to that, mind you.) by taking me places from the church pews and shops in Castro Valley to the Monterey Peninsula wharf, to the streets of Downtown Pleasanton.

I am active in ministries such as Celebrate Recovery, where God gave me the privilege of leading a men’s open share group as well as serve on the teaching team.

As of October 2019, God has called me over to 3Crosses Church in Castro Valley to be used by God to take what I’ve learned from CR and my previous church family, Valley Community Church of Pleasanton and put it into practice where I am now. I’m very excited about this new adventure that God taking me on.

Since mid-2017, God has called me to concentrate on Ministry to Parents of Children with Asperger’s, the French Translation Project of my story, my vlog, Facebook LIVE & podcast series: Grace & Truth.

I am also excited to use the gifts that God has given me to encourage and challenge others. He has gifted me through ministering to Young Adults at my church. He has also gifted me with the privilege of facilitating a multi-church bible study group: interCOM Bible Fellowship.

If you are checking out this website for the first time, WELCOME! Feel Free to contact me here and I would be more than willing to connect with you!

If you are here and need hope or know someone who needs hope, please feel free to check out my testimony below. If you were encouraged by it share it with others so that they can find hope in the gospel. Use this hashtag (if you use them of course.) when you share it as well.


Remember: Jesus loves you. He never left your side. You’re not alone. El Shaddai is on your side.

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