Wednesday Nights at 7 pm

Beginning June 2nd: We will be Meeting In-Person and Online again! Contact me for more info. 

Whether you go to the same church, a different church or no church at all, you are welcome here!

What is interCOM?

interCOM is a multi-church Community Bible Group that exists to let the Bible speak for itself and dwell in our hearts richly.

What does “interCOM” mean?

COM stands for:

Community, Communion, and Communication.

The word “inter” emphasizes the importance of interaction with fellow believers from different Bible-believing churches all over the area.*

That is why interCOM stands for:

inter-community, inter-communion, and inter-communication.

*To clarify, we are NOT interfaith, nor are we interdenominational.

How do we study the Bible?

We utilize OIA which stands for:

Observe – What does it say?

Interpret – What does it mean?

Apply – How does this apply to my life?

When and where do we meet?

We meet on Wednesday nights at 7 pm in San Ramon. 

For location details, directions or more information, contact me here!

We hope to see you then!

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