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I have the immense privilege of ministering to people with High Functioning Autism (Asperger’s syndrome). One of the ways that we do that by helping fellow aspies get plugged into healthy churches. That is why we have the church network here at GCAAM Network. One of those churches that we recommend is our international recommendation in South Africa, Reformer’s Bible Church pastored by my friend and brother, Carl Joshua.

So, the reason why I bring them up on this special video is that about a week or so ago, Pastor Carl reached out to us here at GCAAM to give us a special request.

From Pastor Carl:

“Reformers Bible Church recently turned 1 year old. We have an extremely young congregation, majority of them are aged 20-35, with 4 people over the age of 50. Due to their age most of them are unemployed and are incapable of contributing financially to the Church, but by God’s grace we’ve had some assistance through the older people in their. However with harsher lockdown restriction being put in place, more of our older congregants have lost their jobs and now unemployed. I’ve been working a secular job and with the help of some YouTube donors have been able to pay rent on the building we’ve been fellowshipping at for the next 2 months.

We (church eldership) humbly ask for your assistance in facilitating a GoFundMe campaign to assist us with:

Paying off our remaining rent

Paying off our music equipment

Start us on the road to buying our own building in the future

All of this amount to about R60 000 which I believe is about $4500.

*The ASK*

Would you prayerfully consider starting a GoFundMe campaign for our Church? We are incapable of doing one here. As it is, South Africans are all suffering under the new restrictions. Praying we have more hope with the US. We’d like you to facilitate that whole process.

Please do consider this prayerfully, we don’t ask this lightly and understand that it is a big undertaking, thank you for your time in reading this.

We know that God will provide according to His will.


– Carl Joshua, Pastor of Reformer’s Bible Church

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Peace Out & God Bless! CINCOS!

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