GCAAM Network

The Gospel-Centered Autism Awareness Movement

GCAAM is a new initiative that is being formed as a network that can help anyone who struggles with Asperger’s come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior and to find healthy church families that will welcome them in. The initiative will also help educate churches on how to interact with anyone who struggles with Asperger’s and to be patient and compassionate towards them on the condition that they are holding firm to the Gospel without compromise.

What Churches do you recommend that I try?

We have several recommendations. Currently, we recommend one church community per specific area.

Valley Community Church Pleasanton, CA

3Crosses Castro Valley, CA

Calvary Monterey, CA

Progressive Missionary Baptist Church Berkeley, CA

East Valley Church San Jose, CA

Venture Christian Church Los Gatos, CA

Big Valley Grace Community Church Modesto, CA

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