Chewin’ on a Prayer! – 1-18-2020

Hey Guys,

I apologize for not posting earlier. I was battling the flu this past week. I am grateful to be back on my feet so I can share with you this week’s prayer request. Let’s make sure to pray for our friends who are battling this bug. Prayer really works wonders.

Now let’s get right to this week’s prayer request:

This week we’re praying for 3Crosses Church in Castro Valley!

I spoke with Buz Hannon, the Connections Pastor at 3Crosses. He has asked us to pray for a partnership that they have with a country in South Asia. Since 3Crosses supports countries where Spreading the gospel is prohibited by law, my ministry has agreed to withhold the names of the countries. But we will simply pray for the foreign missions and the partnership that 3Crosses has with those missionaries.

If you need prayer for anything, feel free to contact me here on the website.

Peace out & God Bless!


#prayer #solidtruth #gospelcenteredautismawareness

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