Chewin’ on a Prayer – 10/2/19

This week we’re praying for our friends and siblings at East Valley Church in San Jose, CA

“1. Unity amidst some disagreements about our constitution.

2. Gaining and growing connections through the Fall Festival on Oct 31

3. Coming together in service and outreach (and connecting to needs in our community and city)”

⁃ Joel Helveston, Elder

“Please pray for the Lord’s direction as we plan ministry and budget for 2020 as a leadership and staff. I’d also cherish your prayers for the Lord’s continued financial provision, wisdom and guidance as we seek to strategically engage in local missions in the year to come.”

⁃ Ron Johnson, Senior Pastor

Additional Prayer Request from Valley Community Church of Pleasanton:

Pray for them as they will be sending a group of people on a trip to Israel these next few weeks.

If you need prayer for anything, feel free to contact me here on the website.

Peace Out & God Bless!


#prayer #solidtruth #gospelcenteredautismawareness

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