Let it Go

I wanted to write this special post because one of the things that we as people who struggle with Asperger’s struggle with is letting go. Now I say this because I’ve been there. Why is it so hard? Well, we tend to want to do things our way and we also tend to want to stay in our comfort zones. But the reality is that there are times where we simply can’t live comfortable lives. Here’s one example of how I had to let go. During my 4 years in Castro Valley at one of my previous churches, I didn’t want to go to the same church as my parents because I didn’t feel connected at their church. But there was also another reason why. I was comfortable where I was at. Little did I know, God would bring me out of there and bring me to another community which eventually became my new church home, Valley Community Church. Here’s another example, before I went through Celebrate Recovery, there have been times where I would want to date certain women, but they wouldn’t give me a chance to get to know them due to bad experiences with other men. I thought I could change them and free them from that thinking. But if anyone needed fixing it was me. And the only one who could do that was Jesus. Little did I know, I would eventually move on from them and in his timing, God brought my current girlfriend into my life. I’m sure she’ll be very encouraged to hear this on the podcast.
The point is this: What did I have to do in order to do that? I had to let it go. (No. I’m not going to sing the song from Frozen, I haven’t even seen that movie and quite frankly I’m not interested.)
Letting Go is very hard. But it’s the only way you can heal and find hope. Jesus can help you on this journey that is rough. If you’re having trouble doing that, then say this prayer with me:

Lord Jesus,
I’m having trouble letting go of ________. Please help me move forward. Please guide me towards the direction that you want me to go. No matter what happens, Lord, you are in control. I love you. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

If you need any additional information, browse through my website and I would be happy to recommend some resources to help you.

To listen to the podcast version of this post, click here!

Peace Out & God Bless! CINCOS!


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