Chewin’ on a Prayer – 12/26/18

We have two prayer requests from 2 of our church recommendations. One of them is an urgent one, so we will start with them first.

Venture Christian Church has discovered that one of their pastors was critically injured in a snowboarding accident. Please pray for that pastor, his family and for the entire community of Venture Christian.

The second request comes from one of my friends and sisters from Big Valley Grace Community Church in Modesto.

Being that BVG is a big church, it can be difficult to get to connect in an intimate way with other believers. So she’s asked us to pray that God will help the church find ways to grow spiritually within the community (such as small groups or serving).

We will definitely keep you posted on the prayer request from Venture once we have more information.

Peace Out & God Bless! CINCOS!

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